Leonora Service - painting a commissioned frescoI discovered a love for painting at an early age and created my first commissioned mural when I was 16 years old. I studied interior design at the KLC in London, specialising in paint effects, and then went on to study Art and Design at University. I painted commissions, mostly portraits of animals and houses using oil and water colour, culminating in a televised three-man exhibition in 2003.

To develop my technique and range of skills further I moved to Italy in 2010. I studied at the Academy of Art in Florence where I learned to paint fresco, mixing and applying the plaster and creating my own paint using ground up pigments and lime. I also learned how to use egg tempera and gilding using gold leaf. My experience in Italy taught me how to ‘see’ properly with lessons in perspective, human anatomy, landscape, plant structure, how to sketch animals, the use of light and shade and how to mix colour – it was invaluable!

Since returning to London I have painted commissions in the USA, Europe and all over the UK. I enjoy the whole process of creating a mural – it is an interactive experience. Although I am the artist, I am trying to interpret what the client has in their head. I love the freedom of painting in a large space, the client’s enjoyment of seeing the mural develop on a day to day basis, and their reaction on seeing the finished result. You can read about their experience of having their murals created in the references section of the website.