Below is an outline of what happens once you have had an idea of the type of mural you would like and where you would like to have it::

Step 1 – Discussing Ideas for your Mural

If possible I would like to meet you in person to discuss your ideas for the design and to see the location of the mural. I will need to see if the wall needs any preparatory work before I can start painting and to estimate how long it might take to paint. I would like to find out if you have a particular style in mind, or artist who you admire, or if you have any photos I can use to recreate a particular scene. If it is not possible for me to see the wall or meet you in person then you would need to send me photos of the wall along with measurements of the space you want me to paint, and we will discuss on the phone the ideas that you have for your mural.

Step 2 – Design

Having talked about your ideas I will then create two different designs for you to consider. We will then discuss which design you prefer and if you wish to make any amendments. I will then send you this amended design for your approval. At this point if you wish me to make more amendments I will need to charge you a small design fee and the process continues until you are happy with your design.

Step 3 – Price

Once the design has been agreed we will need to discuss the price. I do not charge by the hour but will give a set quotation based on the time needed to complete it which will depend on the size of the wall and intricacy of the design. Other costs will also need to be considered as set out below:


For a mural this is usually between £20 – £200 depending on the size of wall and type of paint needed. For a fresco I will need to purchase sand and lime and pigment which will cost more.


I am based in London so will need to arrange for a taxi too and from the location on the first and last day in order to bring all my equipment. If you live outside London transport by train will be necessary.


If you are living outside London, and unable to provide accommodation for me while painting the mural, I will need to find a local b&b to stay in and this will need to be paid for separately.

Scaffolding and Wall Preparation:

If the wall is too tall for a ladder, scaffolding will need to be provided by a local builder’s merchant. If the wall is in very bad condition a builder may need to be employed to make it good before I can start work.


If you wish me to paint on a detachable board or canvas, rather than directly onto the wall, the cost for supplying and fitting this will need to be added.

Step 4 – Payment and Start Date

When we have agreed the price and any extra costs as outlined above, we will need to discuss a start date for carrying out the commission. Once this is agreed you will need to send me 30% of the price as a non-refundable deposit. A further 40% will need to be given to me on the day I start work and the final 30% on the date of completion.