Leonora Service - mural for Elizabeth Saltzman

“It takes a lot for me to write a glowing comment regarding an artisan, as I work with lots of talented artists and designers. However, Leonora has undoubtedly taken an average room and made it the star of our home. Her talent, eye and attention to detail has surpassed my expectations by miles and miles. Not only was it a joy to have her working in our home, but her art work continues to be a real source of happiness. She is a calm and quiet soul, deeply immersed in her work. I have no doubt that wherever we go in life we will have Leonora work for us, if she will grant us some of her valuable time again.”
Elizabeth Saltzman / Fashion Editor, London

 Leonora Service - mural for Claudia Van der Werff

“I could not be more thrilled with my mural. I’m not green fingered and yet I have a beautiful bespoke garden that always looks wonderful and never needs watering or weeding! Leonora was so clever about taking our ideas and forming them into a plan and suggested ways of enhancing them, which gives the extra special finish. Her research and attention to detail is painstaking and the results are fabulous. Almost as importantly she is lovely to have around the house and is much missed by me and also my postman who loved following the progress of the work! I love it that the Waitrose delivery boys admire the “Muriel” and I never opened by front door to somebody who doesn’t say ‘wow, this is amazing.'”
Claudia Van der Werff / Pimlico, London

Leonora Service - mural for Samuel Mathau

“After Leonora arrived in San Francisco she insisted on seeing Californian landscape. The most memorable times I recall spending with Leonora was when we drove through Northern Californian Coast, especially around San Francisco Bay. What I did not realize until later was how her camera, sketch book, as well as her curious mind was captive to the often rugged Californian coastline and Hills in Marin County. The result of her curiosity culminated in a set of three wall panel drawings of the most incredible art work for Valley Village Retirement Community in Santa Clara. The space was small but bright with no windows and therefore the solution of soothing outdoor scenery creates a welcome atmosphere beyond the four walls. The residents seem to know where the places are but cannot pinpoint the actual locations. The truth of the matter is, the locations exist but again they do not – a wonderful illusion! Her work has become a centrepiece of conversations for the residents. They now want more of her art work through the facility. Certainly we look forward to doing more with Leonora in the future!”
Samuel Mathau / Mathau-Roche Design Group, USA

“I commissioned Leonora to do a fresco for me in my southern Italian house to go by the swimming pool and to be based on ancient Roman mosaics of sea creatures. The fresco she has created for me is beyond my expectations and I completely love it. Actually being there while it was being painted and watching it appear out of the wall was a huge added joy that I have not even considered beforehand. I am very seriously thinking of having something Arcadian done in my tiny London garden to enlarge to feeling of it.”
Sophie / Maratea, Italy

After winning a silent auction prize to have a mural painted on a wall in my cottage in Wilshire I decided to have a very unique pheasant and Labrador scene. Leonora painted with incredible effect – the attention to detail was simply amazing, she created the effect perfectly and it really does feel incredibly real. She has an amazing talent and I believe she will go far. I am so impressed by her work and would highly recommend her to anyone else who is interested in having a mural painted. Many thanks Leonora.”
Oliver Nohl–Oser / The Cumbrian Sausage Company, Wiltshire

We are absolutely delighted with our Leonora Service Mural. Every time I come into the room my spirits lift. Leonora has captured the images and included our person requests with style. The time spent in discussions and preliminary drawings, and in days of careful painting has given us an enduring work of art. Thank you Leonora.”
Grace Bergius / Argyll, Scotland

Leonora has a wonderful talent. She has transformed our small bedroom with a mural across a wall of cupboards of a beautiful vista of a place we know and love. It has been painted with care and attention to detail, flowers, lake, trees and, sky giving a wonderful feeling of space – perfection. We are thrilled that our favourite view is now at the end of our bed.”
Cathy and Johnny Longworth / Battersea, London

Leonora Service has done an outdoor mural for my London garden, an enchanting one of plants, birds and insects and has brightened up very dreary walls. It has hugely enhanced an otherwise unattractive area and I recommend her to all my friends.”
Louisa Hemming / St John’s Wood, London

Leonora painted the most wonderful cherry blossom tree in the main room of my flat. It looks amazing and has totally transformed the space. Right from the initial contact and all the way through Leonora was highly professional, full of good ideas and a pleasure to have around. She worked with absolute dedication and such a keen eye for detail. I highly recommend her and think she is truly skilled as an artist”
Joanna Holroyd / Herne Hill, London

My husband secretly arranged for Leonora to paint a trompe l’oeil of my parents garden in Kent for my daughter’s first birthday. It is lovely to have something of my past to give to my daughter. It is bright, warm and friendly and the fairies match the theme of the room. She loves it too and when people arrive she leads them to her room to show him her picture.”
Louise Nelson / Muscat, Oman

I had a flash image of what I wanted for my daughters nursery. I discussed the idea with Leonora, then she came and exceeded all my expectations for the room. The painting is amazing, and the nursery is, as a result, my favourite room of the house.”
Judith Sealy / Guilford, Surrey

I commissioned Leonora to do a mural in a nursery. She has more than fulfilled my vision for how I wanted it to look and surpassed my high expectations. She is hard working, professional and an extremely talented artist, who seems to be able to turn her hand too any style. Having wowed us with cartoon characters, I plan to commission her again for our garden. I would thoroughly recommend her work to put a bit of magic into your home.”
Octavia Shaw / Ludlow, Shropshire

“I just adore the lovely nursery mural – makes me well up every time I sit in there and concoct stories for the small one. Leonora was a pleasure to have in the house and worked quickly and efficiently, while using her not insubstantial flair to make a pipe dream into a reality. Thank you so much – it will be a pleasure to look at, especially during the 3 o’clock feeds!”
Portia Kennedy / Wandsworth, London